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Our Focus

We focus on investing in Midwest-based manufacturing companies, value-added distributors, and business service companies. We have a particular interest in privately-owned companies in need of an owernship transition and divisions of larger companies that no longer fit their parent company's strategic direction. 

Investment Criteria

Company Size:

Revenue typically between $10-$75 million, EBITDA of $1-$8 million (add-ons of any size)


Manufacturing, value-added distribution, and select business services 

Transaction Types:

Leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations, and corporate divestitures 

Ownership Position:

Prefer control or majority investments, but will consider minority positions as well


Current focus on companies headquarted in the Midwestern United States (add-ons can be worldwide)

Sectors of Interest

Industrial Products

Medical Products

Energy Products

Chemical Products

Rubber & Plastic


Electrical Components

Specialty Packaging


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